CPO Benefits

Benefits of buying a Certified Pre-owned Ford from Jacky Jones Ford


Prior to delivery of your vehicle, the following checks and inspections were performed. Any item(s) that did not pass our 169-point inspection have been replaced or repaired.

  • Vehicle History
  • Road Test
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Diagnostics
  • Underhood
  • Hybrid
  • Underbody
  • Convenience
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Vehicle History

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) match on vehicle and paperwork
  • Recalls (OASIS) performed (including software updates for hybrid)
  • Vehicle History Report obtained
  • Scheduled maintenance performed
  • Vehicle has emissions sticker (applicable states)

Road Test

  • Starts, idles properly (cold/hot)
  • Remote start system operates (automatic transmission)
  • Accelerates and cruises smoothly
  • Engine noise normal (cold/hot and low/high speeds)
  • Automatic/manual transmission/transaxle operates/shifts normally (cold/hot)
  • Automatic/manual transmission/transaxle noise normal (cold/hot)
  • Shift interlock operates
  • Drive axle/transfer case operation, noise normal
  • Clutch operates smoothly, proper adjustment
  • Steers normally (proper effort/response, centering, free play, does not pull)
  • Body, suspension (no squeaks, rattles, vibration)
  • Struts/shocks operate
  • Brakes/ABS operate (pedal effort appropriate, no pulling, pulsating) Note: ABS may pulsate under hard braking
  • Cruise control operates
  • All gauges, speedometer, tachometer, odometer operate
  • Driver select/memory profile operates
  • No abnormal wind noise


Body Panels and Bumpers

  • Overall, no evidence of flood, hail, fire or any major damage
  • Body panels not visibly damaged, misaligned, paint not mismatched or poor
  • Bumpers/fascia not visibly damaged, misaligned, no poor paint

Doors, Hood, Deck Lid, Tailgate

  • Not visibly damaged, paint not mismatched or poor
  • Aligned properly (check jambs for over spray from repairs)
  • Automatic/manual release mechanisms, hinges, attaching devices, prop rod/gas struts operate
  • Power lift gate, power sliding doors operate

Grille, Trim, Roof Rack

  • Attached, free from visible damage
  • Deployable running boards operate, free from damage

Glass, Outside Mirrors

  • Windshield, side, rear windows free from visible cracks, pits, wiper marks
  • Wiper blades replaced
  • Mirrors, hinge (no cracks, damage)

Exterior Lights Operate, lenses not damaged

  • Front end (headlights including high/low and alignment, park, turn, fog)
  • Back end (tail, brake, high mount brake, turn, backup, license plate)
  • Side (side marker, mirror puddle lights)
  • Hazard
  • Auto on/off lighting feature operates
  • Trailer lamp connector operates


Air bag/Safety belts

  • Air bags intact, no codes, dash light works (check steering wheel for abnormal wear, may indicate repaired with used steering wheel and air bag)
  • Safety belts work, free from cuts or wear

Audio and Alarm Systems Operate

  • Radio, cassette, CD, speakers, satellite radio
  • Antenna
  • Alarm/theft deterrent system
  • Navigation system (CDs present if applicable)

Heat/Vent/AC/Defrost Operates

  • Air conditioning system, dual and rear climate operation
  • Heating system
  • Defog/defrost (front, rear, outside mirrors)

Interior Amenities Operate, no damage

  • Clock
  • Tilt/telescopic steering wheel (including power)
  • Steering column lock
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Horn
  • Warning chimes
  • Instrument panel lights, gauges, warning lights (pass bulb check)
  • Wipers (all modes/speeds/delays, no streaks)
  • Washers (spray pattern correct)
  • Interior courtesy, dome, map lights
  • Mirrors (manual and power side mirrors, rear-view auto-dimming)
  • Rear-view camera system
  • Sync system (test and perform master reset)
  • Rear entertainment system, including wireless headphones and remotes
  • Power outlets, lighter
  • Ashtrays
  • Glove box, light, center armrest/console
  • Sun visors, vanity mirrors and lights
  • Adjustable pedals

Carpet, Trim, Mats ? Clean, no stains or damage

  • Interior odor free
  • Carpet (check for rust under it due to flood damage)
  • Floor mat
  • Door trim/panels attached
  • Headliner


  • Upholstery clean, not stained, worn, cut, cracked
  • Seats/head restraint adjustments (manual/power)
  • Folding seats operate (manual/power), fold down latches operate
  • Heated seats operate
  • Integrated child safety seats operate

Sunroof/Moonroof/Convertible Top

  • Sunroof/moonroof operates in all modes
  • Convertible top operates, not damaged; cover, rear window not damaged

Windows, Door Locks Operate

  • Handles, release mechanisms
  • Remote entry systems (key fobs, door key pads)
  • Door locks (manual, power modes)
  • Child safety locks
  • Window controls (manual, power, express modes)
  • Remote deck lid, fuel filler door releases

Luggage Compartment

  • Carpet, trim, cargo net (clean, no damage)
  • Luggage compartment light operates
  • Jack, spare tire tools operate
  • Spare tire is correct size and type, no damage
  • Spare tire at least 50% tread depth remaining, correct pressure
  • Tire inflator kit present
  • Emergency trunk lid release operates


Module System Test

  • Perform Self Test for all CMDTC (no continuous DTC stored in vehicle equipped modules)



  • Check condition and level, check maintenance schedule for required service, add or change as required
  • Engine oil and filter (change)
  • Coolant (level, freeze point)
  • Brake fluid
  • Automatic transmission/transaxle fluid
  • Transfer case fluid
  • Drive axle fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Clutch fluid
  • Washer fluid
  • Air conditioning system charge


  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Hoses and lines (coolant, fuel, brake, steering, vacuum, A/C),check for wear, leaks
  • Belts (check for wear, cracks, fraying, proper adjustment)
  • Wiring (check condition)
  • Oil in air cleaner (possible excess blow-by, bad PCV)
  • Water in oil (check underside of oil filler cap)
  • Oil pressure (test with gauge if only warning light)
  • Cylinder compression/power balance (check if necessary)
  • Timing belt (inspect condition, change per maintenance schedule)
  • Engine mounts (not broken, separated)
  • Inspect Charge Air Cooler for damage or leaks

Cooling System

  • Radiator (check for leaks, condition of tubes, fins)
  • Pressure test radiator cap and cooling system
  • Cooling fans, clutches, motors operate
  • Water pump free from leaks or unusual noise
  • Coolant recovery tank (level sensor works)
  • Cabin air filter (change per maintenance schedule)

Fuel System

  • Fuel pump noise normal (no leaks if external pump)
  • Fuel pump pressure reading correct
  • Fuel filter(s) (change per maintenance schedulek
  • Air filter (change per maintenance schedule)

Electrical System

  • Starter operates
  • Ignition system (operation/scope)
  • Battery type, condition, fluid level, load test correct
  • Alternator output correct
  • Diesel pre-glow system operates



  • No visible damage, signs of repair or abnormal tire wear
  • Fuel lines, fuel tank, hoses and couplings not leaking

Exhaust System

  • Entire exhaust system (including catalytic converter) not damaged or leaking
  • Perform emissions control test

Transmission, Transaxle, Differential, Transfer Case

  • Automatic transmission/transaxle not damaged or leaking
  • Manual transmission/transaxle/drive axle/transfer case, not damaged or leaking
  • 4x4 hub operation (engage and disengage properly)
  • Universal joints, CV joints, boots not damaged, leaking, or excessive wear/looseness, noise when accelerating or turning
  • Transmission mounts (not cracked, broken, oil soaked)
  • Differential/drive axles (not damaged or leaking)

Tires and Wheels

  • All tires and wheels match, correct size
  • Tread depth, at least 50% remaining
  • Normal tire wear, no alignment or sidewall problems
  • Pressures correct
  • Tire pressure monitor system operates
  • Wheels/finish free from damage, run-out normal
  • Wheel covers, center caps, free from damage

Suspension Steering

  • Rack and pinion, linkage, boots not visibly damaged or leaking
  • Control arms, ball joints, bushings not visibly damaged or worn
  • Tie rods, idler arm operate to factory specs
  • Sway bars, links, bushings operate to factory specs
  • Springs have proper ride height (not sagged)
  • Struts, shocks not leaking
  • Wheel alignment correct (check if necessary)
  • Power steering pump and hoses (check operation, no leaks)


  • Calipers, cylinders operate with no leaks
  • Pads, shoes, at least 50% thickness remaining
  • Rotors, drums, at least 50% thickness remaining, not scored, run-out within factory specs
  • Brake lines, hoses, fittings not worn or leaking
  • Parking brake operates, releases, adjusted properly
  • Master cylinder and booster, no leaks


  • Owners Guide present
  • Keys and key fobs present
  • Universal Garage Door Opener buttons cleared
  • Fuel tank full
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