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Benefits of Owning a Hybrid Car

As many consumers go to buy their used or new automobiles this year, they are faced with even more choices than ever before. Long gone are the choices that the original car buyers faced: black Model T, or a black Model T. Now one of the big questions that car buyers encounter is whether they should own a hybrid car. If you were a movie star, perhaps you got a hybrid car the moment they appeared on the lot. But now hybrid cars have gone "mainstream" and are visible just about anywhere you go, from the grocery store to the gas station. Do Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio (both hybrid owners) know something you don't? As it turns out, maybe they do as there are many benefits to owning a hybrid car.

Environmentally Friendly

A hybrid car uses both a fuel and a battery powered engine, thus it consumes less oil and emits fewer greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. Furthermore, hybrid cars cut emissions by 25-35% over the most fuel efficient gas powered vehicles, helping you do your part to make the world cleaner for you and your grandchildren. 

The Anti-Gas Guzzler 

With the cost of fuel not likely to go down anytime soon, how much gas one requires, is an important part of household budgets everywhere. Hybrid cars vary in the amount of miles per gallon they get (depending on who you ask and which hybrid it is) but it can be anywhere from the low 40's to 60 MPG on the highway. Say goodbye to having to fill up every time you pass a gas station!

Same, Same

When the first generation of hybrid cars were introduced, they might have had a reputation for being a little "tiny" or "ugly" compared to gas powered cars, but not anymore. Many of the mainstream hybrids are on their 3rd or 4th generation and have vastly improved the look and driving feel compared to the earlier models. Hybrid cars today are safe, reliable, and easy on the eyes. 

Still Not Sure?

Many hybrids offer an extended warranty for their cars that should sooth any reluctant buyers. Hybrid cars blend the best of conventional cars with the best of electric cars, to come up with a winning combination that more and more people are seeking.

Take a look at our new inventory and pre-owned inventory for wide selection of automobiles at great prices! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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